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How about a little history lesson

Brian Mcknight & Mark Oriano are brothers in woodworking. Yes we are actually brothers that are woodworkers. Without any formal training in the craft the two of us put together our wood shop in 2002 and got to work learning how to build furniture. That's right we are totally self taught woodworkers. You can say our education in woodworking was a bit more expensive then going to a formal woodworking school and learning from a master woodworker. We learned through trial and error wrecking a good amount of projects along the way. Over the past twelve years we learned what works for us and what doesn't. Truth is we are still learning new techniques to this day. We started our channel on You Tube ( Wood Crafted ) to give people thinking of taking 

 woodworking up as a hobby a place to go and learn some of the techniques we learned without the frustration we went through . We also know that if we could learn woodworking on our own then anyone could. We believe woodworking is for everyone.